If you’re looking for a way to stand out in a competitive market this year, we could now have the solution with raised print business cards. Just as the name suggests, this 3D effect will feel great and they still do the job of transferring important information. With different sizes too, you can order anywhere from fifty to thousands!

Make an Impact – Regardless of your industry or your experience within the industry, raised print business cards are unique and stand out from the more standard approach. Once you start using a UV overlay and other features, you leave a lasting impact on the recipient and they feel compelled to not only read it but keep it in their hands.

Unique Design – In most circumstances, your business card will be the first point of contact with you and your business so a raised card makes for a great introduction. With our service, you can create your own design, style, and color. In addition to utilizing information, you can also choose between landscape and portrait to fit an image.

In addition to this, double-sided cards are available and many use this to include a calendar. If you’re offering a service, you could even leave space to write an appointment date and time.

Multiple Colors – With raised business cards, there’s a common misconception you can only use one color but this isn’t the case. Since Catdi Printing use thermography, you can choose the colors that match with your branding efforts. If you’re unaware, this process essentially sees resin baked in order to achieve the 3D effect.

Speed – With raised business cards, they require a little more time than standard cards so we only offer a mail delivery. If you need cards today, we recommend looking into other styles with same-day delivery.