Over the years, technology has started to play a huge role in marketing and getting the name of a business out into the world. However, standard business cards remain as one of the most effective marketing tools one can use. In just one small card, you could add details about your services, contact information, and anything else you require. What’s more, the recipient will always see your card for a second time as they empty their pockets at the end of the day!

At Catdi Printing, we can create personalized business cards that match with your brand using high-quality templates. Whether you’re a freelance designer or currently looking for a job, our business cards allow you to make the best possible first impression.

Personalization – With our superb website, you can create your own business card according to your own needs. Within seconds, you can change every aspect of your card from color to font. As you make changes, you’ll see them happen right in front of your eyes which means you can really play around and find the combination that suits your branding.

Whether you want a single-sided or double-sided card, you then download a PDF and then place the order. With the same-day printing option, you could even pick it up from your closest store in just a few hours!

Flexible Printing – Not only does the color and font make a difference, the paper itself can be important. If you’re on a budget, the classic standard paper option will be a wise choice. On the other hand, those who are constantly handing out cards might want to go for a heavier premium stock. In terms of finish, matte suits classic black and white designs while glossy will work with bright colors for that instant impact.

FAQs – In truth, there are two questions that come up frequently with this topic; the information required and number of cards needed. To address the first question, the basics include contact information and your name. After this, it depends on your niche but job title and a description of your service will also be well-received.

When it comes to volume, there are two important factors; the amount you giveaway and how likely your contact information is to change. If your information will not change and you regularly attend trade shows, why not get 1,000 (or perhaps even more)?